Belly Dream Real runs 35 minutes and is suitable for ages 12 and up. contact info@katebrehm.com for booking. video preview
    Chaos, Upheaval, Commotion, Grotesque Licking. ALL of these elements will be witnessed at the performance of BELLY DREAM REAL. A short, dynamic piece of misunderstandings and discoveries, Janie, joined by her cohort, Mr. Puppet, meet and deal with a swarm of mothers trying to stick their tongues in Janie's belly button. During the play Janie finds the person who wholly understands her only to realize her grave misunderstanding of her own perceptions. Based on a dream i had about my mother trying to stick her tongue in my belly button, Belly Dream Real seeks a path to this uncanny experience.

    Curator of the downstairs series said, "I could watch this for 6 1/2 hours!"
    Upcoming at HERE Arts Center's American Living Room Festival 2006
    on Aug 15th and 16th at 8:30
    tix: $15, www.here.org, 212.868.4444. On a shared bill with I'm Sorry & I'm Sorry by Kevin Wall See PICTURES from the August 2006 show.
    written and directed by Kate Brehm
    premiered in July 2003 at the Ontological-Hysteric Downstairs Series
    with a 2nd run in October 2003 at One Arm Red

    Liz Davito Sean Seibert Darius Safavi Jimmy Maize Michael Scott-Price Joshua Weinberg Mark Read Michael O'Neil Josh Bowling
    Sound Design by Clilly Castiglia
    pictures by Raymond Smith