Eventbrite - IMMERSION SEMINAR: performing bodies in space


Saturday, June 27th, 11am-3pm:
WORKSHOP Moving Objects with Kate Brehm
Learn the fundamentals of manipulating objects with clear and creative rhythm and dynamics. Learn to hone the energy of your own body to effect objects outside of it. Transform from a visible performer to an invisible one, and back again.
Saturday June 27th, 4-6pm:
LECTURE/ PANEL Performing in Public Space. hosted by Sarah McMillan
a series of lectures followed by a panel discussion about the ins and outs of performing in public space, how it engages audience sensibilities differently than a controlled space, and getting outside of the institution.
Saturday June 27th, 7-9pm:
LECTURE/ PANEL Interactive and Participatory Art.
This series of lectures followed by a panel discussion talks with creators of performance that require an audience to play an integral part in its creation. From art party to burning man and non-virtual gaming to street performance.

Sunday June 28th, 11am-3pm:
WORKSHOP Physical Acting with Gregory G. Schott
This workshop uses the Margolis Method's practicable acting exercises. Build and hone your storytelling skills and use of space with an emphasis on patterns and understanding relationships.
Sunday June 28th, 4-8pm:
WORKSHOP Performance Workshop for Video Puppetry with Ron Binion
This workshop will cover basic skill building exercises and emphasize all of the qualities that create a believable performance with mouth puppets for video. During this workshop you will brainstorm ideas, write scenes and collaborate with others. The workshop will provide an ensemble experience and a safe place to make bold choices, try new things, and learn through play.

Monday June 29th, 7-9pm:
LECTURE/ PANEL Sensorially Immersive Performance and Art. hosted by Benjamin Heller.
This series of lectures followed by a panel discussion considers the manipulation of an audience's sensory capacities to alter their sense of self in space. Lighting, installation, and performance art.

Tuesday June 30th, 7:30-11pm:
Seminar MIXER Dance Hall of Radiant Space: a sensual evening of slow dancing. DJed by James Mulry and Shalin Scupham
A tantalizing evening of slow dancing. Inspired by dance halls of the 20s/30's era, passion and desire mixes with propriety and restraint. Each participant is given a dance card and a dance lesson that everyone can pick up (really).
Doors open at 7:30pm, dancing begins promptly at 8:00pm and ends at 10:30pm

Wednesday July 1st, 6-10pm:
WORKSHOP Intro to Clown Craft with John Leo
In this gentle and fierce exploration of the world of Clown, participants will practice connecting to their audience, their impulses and "the moment" (whatever that means). Come prepared to not know and to open up to what is actually happening. OPEN TO ALL LEVELS of experience.
June 2015