The imnotlost studiolab is a vision of a working community of visual and performing artists. Imnotlost Studiolab is devoted to the research and exploration of performing design: art and theater that harness the performative and storytelling power of abstract design elements like objects, scenery, lighting, and noise. Inspired by the theoretical discourse of early film theory, imnotlost Studiolab seeks to open up and continue conversations among and between artists and theorists, while supporting practical performance research.

The 2015 Immersion Seminar was the inaugural studiolab event featuring a combination of panel discussions on the impending directions of live arts and performing design, with on-your-feet performance technique workshops. The theory and practice was topped off with sensual silliness at the Immersion Dance Hall Slow Dance. Immersion Seminar INFO

November 2014 photos by Raymond Smith and Jon Meyer