MOVING OBJECTS Manipulating puppets requires an understanding not only of how the puppet moves, but how you the performer move in service to that puppet. I train performers kinesthetic awareness of their own bodies in space and in relation to the puppets and objects outside of them. Find your vertical core, drop your weight and be ready to move in this movement workshop for puppeteers. Working with simple objects we will discover what basic elements can help you transform anything into a puppet.

You'll learn about rhythm, dynamics and breath. You'll learn to use your limbs in partnership with one another as opposed to as one block. You'll partner with yourself, your fellow puppeteers, and the very architecture that surrounds you. This class will make you a more powerful and centered performer onstage, able to direct audience focus to either your puppet or yourself.

This class is for puppeteers or dancers, actors, performers who would like to add puppetry to their skill set. Students must be over 18. Limited to 12 students. Please dress in clothes similar to what you'd wear in a yoga class.


Performing Invisibility
taught by Kate Brehm

SUNDAY June 4th, 2017
12-3 pm $38

at Cave Arts Space in Williamsburg

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PERFORMING INVISIBILITY addresses the of mechanics of a performing body to which an audience is NOT meant to pay attention. The primary example of such a situation is the SEEN puppeteer, where the puppeteer is in no way hidden from view, but is not the focus of a scene. We’ll also consider the unseen puppeteer, actor/ dancer supporting architecture and scenery, and actor/ dancer supporting other actor/ dancers.

The class uses exercises and improvisations to hone the students’ visceral experience and directing of energy inside vs outside the body; performing a ‘silent’ core, while allowing energy extension; releasing the legs and arms from the tyranny of the torso; and following an energy vs leading an energy. Students should wear movement clothing without designs or text. We’ll work with simple objects and the architecture of the space.

About the Teacher is a movement director specializing in puppetry, scenic dramaturgy, and physical acting. Her New York based company, imnotlost, has been producing theater and events since 2003. She teaches performers practical and theoretical tools for performative visual thinking through her classes, Moving Objects and Performing Design. She is published in the Routledge Companion to Puppetry and Material Performance. Directing and/ or design credits: Things Fall Apart, Discrepancies, The Eye Which We Do Not Have, Dark Space, the Poofs. Events: Fireside Chats, Dance Hall Slow Dances, Slutty Puppets. Since 2006 she has toured the US, Japan, and Europe performing and collaborating with critically acclaimed puppeteer, Basil Twist. She is trained in the Margolis Method of Physical Acting.

May 2017. photos by Raymond Smith and Jon Meyer