Slutty Puppets
Slutty Puppets is an illegitimate puppet slam. Slutty Puppets was produced at CBGBs Gallery and later at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. It is a show where the audience is not only invited to get a little tipsy, but also to talk back at the inanimate performers.

Filled with puppets, presents, and clowns, Slutty Puppets is an evening of 8-10 puppet variety acts, under 10 minutes each. They grab the stage, work the stage, and love the stage in very special ways that only puppets and their friends can.

Past Show Line-ups and Photos:
  • Way Back at CBGBs Gallery 2003-2005
  • May 2009, March 2009, January 2009, November 2008, September 2008
  • November 2014 photos by Timothy Murray and Jon Meyer