Featuring a lone human performer against a tide of geometric performing objects and a chorus of indifferent puppeteers, Discrepancies submerges the audience in a series of meditations about our dependence on technology, the allure of blind faith, and the question of whether participation is even a choice.

Three meditations were developed from Jan 2015-Jan 2016: Frames, The Web, and Bits. Development was assisted by Dixon Place Puppet Blok, a generous space grant from Chashama, and St Ann's Puppet Lab. Created by Kate Brehm, Amanda Friou, Sarah McMillan and puppeteers. Directed by Amanda Friou and Kate Brehm. Costume design by Sarah McMillan. Puppet design by Kate Brehm. Performed by Kate Brehm, Sarah Plotkin, Alex Young, Maiko Kikuchi, Monica Lerch, Rachael Shane, Justin Perkins, Jenny Campbell, Jared Thompson, Kate Reilly, Jalyn James, and Katie Melby.

photos by Timothy Murray and Richard Termine.
Dixon Place lighting design by Dave Moodey

2015. photos by Timothy Murray, Raymond Smith, and Jon Meyer