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  • The Eye Which We Do Not Have

    PREMIERed MAY 24TH - JUNE 1, 2013
    at STANDARD TOYKRAFT in Brooklyn.

    Inspired by the thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock and the critical discussion of cinema by GIlles Deleuze, The Eye Which We Do Not Have uses a set of 6 frames and 4 screens with a pulley system to create a transforming stagespace that transitions from small to large, vertical to horizontal, and static to mobile. The formal experience of a transforming stage suggests a transforming viewpoint like that of a camera in motion. Incorporating close-ups, long shots, pan and zoom, The Eye Which We Do Not Have uses a cinematic visual language to deterritorialize its imagery, creating affect, mood, and suspense with live puppetry.

    A beautiful 19th century doll suffers from a bout of hysteria brought on by her illicit affair with a mysterious man. Her hysteria is reflected in the structures of her house as she climbs the stairway to the scecne of her crime over and over again.

    The Eye Which We Do Not Have premeired at Standard Toykraft May 24th - June 1st, 2013. Its first incarnation was presented at Dixon Place's 'Puppet Blok' September 2009. Its second work in progress performance was also at Dixon Place in February 2011. A third, more intensive development residency took place at Standard Toykraft in June 2012.
    November 2014 photos by Raymond Smith and Jon Meyer