The 'Poofs'
The Poofs are nondescript puppet objects which confound reason. Appearing like massive sea creatures, the poofs present themselves in outdoor environments where people congregate. Inspiring wonder from their visitors the poofs simple ARE. They do not speak or react in any coherent manner. They are a cross between plants and insects, anchored to the ground and confounding an impression of rational sentience.

The Poofs have been presented in New York City at the 2009 and 2010 Governor's Island Art Fair, the 2009 opening of Art in Odd Places, Theater for One in Times Square, the Lost Circus Party, WandB's Stranded, and at various variety shows.

My future vision for the poofs is that they grow in number from 4 to 10 and tour important public spaces of the world: Trafalgar Square, Tiananmen square, the Brandeburg Gate, Notre Dame, the Grand Canyon, Egyptian Pyramids.

Video previews:
  • A Single Poof Video
  • A Poof in a Cage Video

  • Hire the Poofs to appear at your event! more info here
    November 2014 photos by Raymond Smith and Jon Meyer